You are on a business travel and you want have a rest in a peaceful environment? You want accommodation for the upcoming festival? Or you are just hiking and want a place to sleep at?

Whatever the reason is you are in Békéscsaba, the Airport Guesthouse is waiting for You! With its 3 rooms and 7 beds + an extra bed for 2 it is the perfect solution for any situation in the heart of nature.


Number of people Price/night + IFA**
8.000 HUF
10.000 HUF
15.000 HUF
20.000 HUF
25.000 HUF
30.000 HUF
35.000 HUF
40.000 HUF
45.000 HUF

*Payment method: credit card, cash.
**IFA/Tourists’ tax: 300 HUF/person/night
Special period: Csaba Sausage Festival, Békéscsaba
Minimum booking: 9 people; 50.000 HUF/night + IFA

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The BÉKÉS AIRPORT Repülőtér Működtető Fejlesztő Limited Liability Company, within the framework of Kisfaludy Szálláshelyfejlesztési Konstrukció – magánszálláshelyek és egyéb szálláshelyek fejlesztése project, received a support of 3.000.000, that is three million forints, with a 100% extent (identification number: TFC-M-1.1.2-2020-15999). The aims of the project are upgrading of the accommodation and making it more comfortable. Our company utilized the support until 30th September 2021., so that our guests can have a rest in a modern, comfortable environment, in order to satisfy their demands, and also to make it possible to accommodate more guests in the same level of comfort.

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