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The airport of Békéscsaba, which is operated by Békés Airport Ltd., is the logest asphalted airport of Békés county, that lies between Békéscsaba and Gyula, next to Road 44. The airport is divided into two parts: commercial and sports airport.

The commercial part of the airport has an asphalted runway, that is 1300 meters long and 30 meters wide. It also has taxiways, aprons and also lighting technology eg. for night flights. The sports airport is used by the Society.

The airport not only deals with commercial flights; you can also go sightseeing with our airplane, you can go tandem parachuting, can travel by air taxi, but we also have a guesthouse, where 7+2 people can have a rest in a modern, clean environment, in the hart of nature. In the sake of the comfortability of the guesthouse we also took advantage of financial support to upgrade it. The supported project was made possible with the Kisfaludy Turisztikai Fejlesztési Program.

If there is a need we can organize photoshooting after arrangement.



Sightseeing flight

Tandem parachuting

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Békés Airport Ltd.

5600 Békéscsaba, Repülőtér 0296/8 / A
Tel / Fax: +36-66/547-240
Mobil: +36-30/322-8881, +36-30/241-0699
E-mail: info@bekesairport.hu

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday:
9:00 (LT) – sunset
(night flight by PPR).