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Try out what it feels like to be in the clouds!

Have you ever flown? Whether the answer is yes or no, the sightseeing flight is a great choice to try out, what it’s like for the birds. The sighteeing flight happens with a Cessna 182, which has upper wings, so you can have a great view.


Valid from: 20.04.2022.

Short take-off** Long take-off**
10 minutes
20 minutes
Above Békéscsaba or Gyula
Above Békéscsaba – Gyula – Békés
gross 48.000 HUF***
gross 80.000 HUF***

*Payment method: credit card, cash.
** In one take-off 3 people can fly.
***According to request we can make changes in the route, but prices may change.

I want to try it out!*

*Organizing the sightseeing flight happens on workdays

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